RC Trucks


Remote Control Monster trucks usually gather the attention of fans no matter where you've decided to take your RC vehicle for a drive. They have a very distinct look and sound. It's not everyday you see a RC Truck going over 40MPH in a parking lot. Recent price drops have made several people proud new RC truck owners.

RC Trucks are some of the most fun RC vehicles to drive. They have power, they can crawl over anything (if you want them to) and are successful on the track as well. Remote Control Trucks come is various shapes, sizes, colors and of course speeds. Nitro RC Trucks are some of the most popular RC car or trucks sold. With so many options available, there is an appropriate RC truck for any age or budget. Do a little homework and choose something that matches your degree of experience with RC Racing.

RC Trucks can suffer from the sail engine failure that full sized Trucks do.

Okay, so this isn' t one of the many RC trucks in my collection, but I have had some engine fires in my experience with the various RC Nitro trucks that I've gone through. I thought I could get a little more out of my Gas powerd RC truck by doing some modifications myself. Sadly, this is very similar to the outcome I had; right down to the style of custom RC truck I had catch on fire. A growing trend in the world of RC trucking is building your own RC vehicle, emulating what you drive in your everyday life. With all of the parts readily at most local hobby shops (commonly referred to as LHS in RC land), enthusiasts can now build their very own gas powered RC truck by piecing it together themselves with high quality RC parts. If you've got a steady hand, creativity and a lot of patience the outcome could be very impressive.

 Replica RC Truck with some serious attentin to detail.

That said, you don't have to build your own custom RC Truck. There are plenty of Nitro RC trucks that look great and are extremely fast right out of the package. You won't quite the flexibility you would have with your RC truck bodies when you buy them premade or you buy a radio control truck without the capability of ugrading the body. Although, most electric rc trucks and gas powered rc truck both usually have bodies that you can swap out if you aren't satisfied with the looks of the one that came on your particular RC vehicle. Part of the fun of owning, driving and upgrading RC trucks is putting your own personal touch on your ride. Of course, everyone likes to go fast (which is easy to do with most of the RC nitro trucks on the market), but people like to distinguish themselves by making their RC monster truck unique; or at least so something unique like spit flames.

Flame Spitting RC Truck has some firemen in awe.

 Some people have taken the 'replica' idea to extremes recently, but still maintain the smaller scale and remote controlling capabilities of typical RC trucks. Some very smart people have been able to reproduce the popular Chevy V8 engine, except on much smaller scale. When I say 'much smaller', you'd be surprised how small. Looking at the little V8 sitting in the Remote Control Truck, it doesn't seem like it should run, move and function like a normal, full-sized motor.  It's really quite impressive to think that someone can take a design, scale it down and place it in a radio controlled truck. Talk about attention to detail. Before long, I wouldn't be surprised if they figured out a way to control humans! 

Mini V8 Motors are becoming popular in a lot of RC Trucks You can see the complex engineering that went into this Mini V8 RC truck motor. RC Trucks might be fun, but how about an RC Human?

So, if you're ready to hit your local RC store and pick out your first radio control truck, make sure you know what you're getting or at least how fast it can go. You may find yourself right back at the hobby store picking up RC truck parts and making some repairs. Electric RC trucks are an option too, but nothing sounds quite like the exhaust note of gas powered RC trucks.