Gas Powered RC Trucks

Gas Powered RC Trucks are the best of both world.  You get the feel and agility of a high end remote controlled car but the look and sound of a real life 4x4 beast. This is the ultimate toy for all ages.

It's hard to imagine that something so small could go so fast. Gas powered RC trucks are designed with state of the art technology. That's a good thing for us newbies because it makes the learning curve a little shorter when we are trying to get a good grasp on how to drive one of these things. Gas powered RC trucks are in a league of their own. They have a unique sound that sets them apart from other types of RC trucks. Most RC trucks aren't very much bigger, if any, than your standard RC vehicle. There are a few exceptions.

Gas Powered RC trucks are usually slightly bigger than this.

If you talk to anyone in the world of RC racing, they will surely tell you their preference in motors. A lot of people are die-hard gas engines while other like the simplicity of electric motors. Granted, both are very capable of impressive speeds, track times and road course dominance, but nothing compares to the versitility of gas engine rc trucks. You can customize and modify your gas powered rc truck any way you like it. Fine tuning your RC Gas nitro truck is part of the fun. With an electric motor, you pretty much have to take what you get in terms of the engine's power. Besides that, electric rc trucks don't have the cool exhaust note that gas rc trucks have. I suppose an electric rc truck is better than a Lego engine! 

Electric RC trucks are fun, not near as fun as gas powered RC trucks.  Gas engines for RC cars and trucks stand alone in terms of upgrades  RC engine, Legos Style..

Despite what some RC owners have turned them into, Gas powered RC trucks are meant to throw up a dirt trail. That mean, they belong on the dirt track. People wouldn't agree with taking an RC dragster on the dirt trails, so why is it okay to bring the RC 4x4s to the pavement? I suppose that is the beauty of a RC gas truck; you it's versatility. What's even more impressive is that you can drive your RC truck right off the track and take it off roading without having to swap the suspension, motor or even the tires. (All assuming you have all-terrain equipment installed on your truck). Some owners should probably stick to the blow up RC tracks to avoid damage and injury.

Gas Powered RC Trucks in abundance on the dirt track. A track truly not meant for Gas powered RC Trucks.

Just like automobile manufacturers, the gas powered RC truck industry has seen its share of companies try their best hand at creating some competitive models. Some have succeeded in created in a fine piece of machinery and some have failed miserably. Most though, are somewhere in between. There are definitely some unique looking gas powered rc truck bodies on the market, that's for sure.

Gas powered truck body materials now consist of carbon fiber! Weird body on this gas powered RC truck.