RC Truck Racing


If you want to dominate RC Truck racing, you're going to have to start off by getting used to steering a RC vehicle that weighs 10-15 lbs, can make a U-turn with the slight twist of a remote control and can reach speeds in excess of 45 miles per hour. It's not something you can do overnight.

Nitro trucks probably come to mind when someone mentions Remote control Truck racing. The aftermarket for these things is insane, with a whole slew of companies making aftermarket RC truck racing parts. It's easy to sink hundres, even thousands into your first RC truck racing event. If it's something you're passionate and enjoy doing, it could very well be worth the money. This young lad worked his way up from tooling around the parking lot with his friends to taking first prize in a national Nitro RC truck racing event.

This young man took control of his first RC Truck Racing Event and got first place!

 If you like RC Truck Racing, chances are you like racing period. Any good ol' competition will get your gears turning and wanting to win. The sport of RC Nitro truck racing has launched, or at least played a part in, several variation of Remote Control Truck racing. People have made some very large RC trucks, powered things that weren't normally powered before and even taken cues from full sized truck competions such as RC truck pulls !

Though this isn't a remote control Truck, it probably should be. Doesn't look very safe. RC Truck racing now consist of Remote Control Truck pulls!

Nitro Monster truck racing is slightly different than other RC racing. Most RC cars require a relative flat surface or they are hard to steer and maintain a consistent laptime. When you are racing radio controlled trucks, you have the ability to go over bumps, get a little air off ramps and handle the terrain relatively well. RC Truck racing has a lot of fine tuning involved. All of your RC parts should be set up for that style of race track. RC truck parts and suspension components play a large part in the amount of air you'll get from a ramp and how you handle your landing.

Though catching air with RC Gas trucks is often a fan favorite, it's often a very nerve racking time for the owner and operator of these high flying vehicles. If you aren't careful, you'll find yourself picking rc truck pieces off the course. Hit the ramps with caution! (Skill is an even better asset to have).

  Some high flying action of RC Truck Racing. Nothing is stopping this RC Nitro Truck from crashing.

 Nitro Monster Truck Racing takes a lot of skill to be a successful driver; and that's just for recreational purposes. You'll need several hours behind the wheel (remote) in order to even attempt your first RC truck race. They don't take kindly to RC amatuers racing, not to mention you'll probably just embarass yourself anyways. Gas rc trucks aren't something you can dive right into. RC Truck racing is definitely an art that takes a considerable amount of time to master.

Some people take in radio control truck racing spend of great deal of their free time and money tweaking, upgrading and modifying their pride and joy. Some die-hards have even turned their entire backyard into a RC truck course (hey, it beats mowing the lawn) and some people just use RC truck races as an opporunity to spend a little time with the family.

In between Remote Control Truck Racking, people make several adjustments. Someone turned their backyards into an RC Truck Race Track Family fun can be had by all with a nice afternoon of RC Nitro truck racing.