Remote Control Trucks Off Road

When it comes time to take your Remote Control Trucks off road, keep in mind that not all RC trucks can take the same beating. Know your trucks, know your suspension and know your gas powered Nitro Truck limits before you try anything too wild...

Hitting the grass in your Radio Controlled Truck

Taking our Remote Control Trucks off road only seems natural, right? If you bought your RC truck with the idea of only keeping it on the track, you're getting the most out of your all-terrain vehicle. Check with the specs from the manufacturer and use a little common sense, but most RC Nitrol trucks are very capable of hitting the dirt, sand, grass or whatever else you want to toss in front of it.

RC race trucks are very fast on the pavement and even give some F1 RC cars a run for their money, but let's face it; radio controlled trucks should be put the to the test and kids often do just that with their new purchase. I strongly advise that you get a hang of driving it on flat ground before you take your electric rc truck or gas powered rc truck to the sand pits. You don't really know what your rc truck body can handle or the type of elements it'll protect your chassis from.

 Hitting the Dirt in Remote Control Trucks is always a good time. A remote control Nitro trucks hitting the dirt in style.

Since Remote controlled Nitro trucks have become more and more popular in recent years, more people are trying different things with them. Some of the ideas that have actually been brought to fruition are a little puzzling at first, but you have to applaud their efforts. Personally, I have never seen some of the stuff these very intelligent? people are coming up with, but to each is their own and everyone likes a good laugh now and then. Some people just have too much time on their hands. A remote control truck with onboard Wifi? Come on. A homemade RC truck kit  with a homemade robot attached is also a theoretically good idea, but it's going to work, sorry. I have to admit that the three engine Gas powered remote control truck is pretty cool and probably pretty fast, though I would never waste the time making such a thing. RC gas power trucks are hard enough enough to manage with one engine.

On board wifi mounted to a gas powered RC truck is a little stupid, if you ask me. Another stupid invention, RC truck robot. Three engines makes for one extremely fast RC Gas truck.

Yes, some trucks - even most RC Trucks - are made to tear up the land. However, not all are and if you aren't careful you could cause permanent damage to your vehicle and you wouldn't want that to happen, would you? There are only a few Radio control trucks on the market that are capable of trolling through water, but be aware of the potential hazards if you don't follow the care taking instructions that came with the nitro truck. It's astonishing how far RC trucks have come since their onset. They went from having to walk around behind it with a wire attached to speeding off cliffs into water at speeds faster than 40 miles per hour; quite the evolution.

A Remote Control Truck Off Roading...really off roading in the water!